The Questions: Haitian Creative Chuck Collins

Who are you?

I’m Chuck Collins. Born and raised in east Flatbush of Brooklyn NY. I’m an illustrator by day, and bouncer at night.

 What do you do?
I make pretty pictures based on whatever my mind thinks of. Mostly a visual story teller.

What is being Haitian mean to you?
This is a very broad question. But I’ll say the sense of pride that I descended from an island that fought for its independence. Dispute the current state of Haiti now, I have a connection with it that can never be broken. And as a Haitian, it’s my duty to represent every amazing aspect if my culture through what I do in the best way that I can.

Your weapon of choice?
My soul. Nothing more powerful than the infinite abilities of the human soul.
Best graphic book for those who aren’t into comics.
I don’t recommend the Marvel and DC superheroes unless that’s your thing, but if your new to collecting comics I’d suggest, 100 bullets, Vagabond, Blade of the Immortal, Walking Dead, Scalped, Martha Washington Goes to War.

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