Val-Inc Cultural Sonic Project (Album and Education Fundraiser)

The Cultural Sonic Project: Educating And Celebrating Vodou Culture Through Afro-Electronica

The details of The Cultural Sonic Project includes:
1)  “KataloG 1” I (afro-electronica sound/visual record)
        40 min Album/LP (sound/video) 
        Featuring: Buyu Ambroise, Jowee Omicil,
        Sherley Ceasar, Erol Josue 

2)  Electro Vodou/ Afro-Electronica Classes/Workshop
      Audio Institute Jacmel, Haiti 
       (a two week intense music program)   
       The purpose of these workshops is to educate
       and reconnect to Vodou Culture through

3)  Performances: Afro-Electronica Sound Installations:
       Locations: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 
       MUPANAH museum (Haiti) 
       Kios Occide Jeanty (Haiti)

Funding objective for The Cultural Sonic Project is:                                                 $25,000.00

The link to her campaign is here.