Haitian Creatives Photo Opening and Talk Photos

On June 2, my first solo show in the States (I had one in Haiti in 2014) opened at Grandchamps on Bedstuy Brooklyn, around the corner from one of my old apartments. Back then there was very little in terms of food options and hang out spaces when I lived there. And Grandchamps was a small black-owned food shop called Archie’s Grocery (Grandchamps rents to the owners of Archie’s). To be back in the neighborhood in casual Haitian restaurant is sort of full circle. refreshments were served and a very engaging talk took place later in the evening.


Val-Inc Cultural Sonic Project (Album and Education Fundraiser)

The Cultural Sonic Project: Educating And Celebrating Vodou Culture Through Afro-Electronica

The details of The Cultural Sonic Project includes:
1)  “KataloG 1” I (afro-electronica sound/visual record)
        40 min Album/LP (sound/video) 
        Featuring: Buyu Ambroise, Jowee Omicil,
        Sherley Ceasar, Erol Josue 

2)  Electro Vodou/ Afro-Electronica Classes/Workshop
      Audio Institute Jacmel, Haiti 
       (a two week intense music program)   
       The purpose of these workshops is to educate
       and reconnect to Vodou Culture through

3)  Performances: Afro-Electronica Sound Installations:
       Locations: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 
       MUPANAH museum (Haiti) 
       Kios Occide Jeanty (Haiti)

Funding objective for The Cultural Sonic Project is:                                                 $25,000.00

The link to her campaign is here.